Making stuff up for a laugh (static HTML remix)

  • Post by JuliaRez
  • Nov 12, 2022

On and off, I write SF stories. Sadly more off than on, because Computer eats my brain on a regular basis. However, new and accidental research - I got covid and recovery is long - seems to show that stories will turn up and demand to be written after about a fortnight of avoiding Computer. So that’s a useful metric for both sides.

I have been moderately lucky in being able to attend Viable Paradise, which was the second most life-changing experience I have yet encountered. Although not-yay trunk novel.

In more moderate luck, Bristol has a gleefully supportive SF/F community and also Bristolcon, and I am now mostly typing because this Hugo theme came without a manual. However, life is too short for wordpress.

Thus far, those stories have been:

‘The guerilla infrastructure HOWTO’ in Future Bristol. (Kangaroo Press)

‘Pump house farm’ in Dark Spires (Kangaroo Press)

‘Buzz Nausea, king of the aircraft-men’ in Colinthology

‘Miss Butler and the Handlander process’ in Airship-shape and Bristol Fashion (Wizard’s tower)

‘Miss Butler and the Industrial Automation Group’ in South by South-West (Tangent Books)

‘Miss Butler and the last mail-rocket’ in Airship-shape and Bristol Fashion II' (Wizard’s Tower)

Yes I seem to enjoy writing queer steampunk. Sue me. Or buy the books and then sue me.

Although. Many of those stories appear as $deadname, which is a bit awks.